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The acronym S.M.A.S.H stands for Salmon Mackerel Anchovies Sardines Herring These are the fish that are the healthiest to eat, nutrient rich, high in Omega-3's, and low in mercury. SMASH fish are small so they don't have as long a lifespan as bigger fish, which means they have less mercury content. Excess mercury in the blood stream has been linked with poor coordination, muscle weakness, impaired speech, immune dysfunction, and fatigue. Here are 6 reason to add more SMASH in your life: 1: SMASH fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial fats are highly absorbable and contain anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce symptoms of heart disease and autoimmune conditions

2: The protein in SMASH fish are easy to absorb. The basic structure in protein is known as amino acids which are the building blocks for our body. You need protein in your diet to help repair cells, make new cells, and for proper growth. 3: SMASH fish are high in selenium and low in mercury. Selenium plays an important role in your health by decreasing inflammation and enhancing your immune function. Having a healthy immune system helps fight off viruses and bacteria more efficiently. 4: SMASH fish contain Iodine which is important for thyroid health and immune function. 5: SMASH fish contain a good source of calcium and vitamin D

6: Enhanced Longevity. Research from the American Heart Association suggests that consuming SMASH fish twice a week may potentially lengthen your lifespan.

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