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Embody Health 

At Embody Health Chiropractic we uphold these five pillars of health:






We seek the latest and most researched techniques on postural and spinal correction. Our team will provide a custom, effective, and well-rounded program to alleviate your immediate pain, but more importantly focus on the root cause of the discomfort through corrective care to ensure long-term success.

Dr. Nora Zoma has furthered her education and training to work with pregnancy, pediatric, and sports specific injuries. Dr. Nora's goal is to help people achieve mobility, stability, and strength for optimal wellness.


Our office is dedicated to the creation of transformative experiences of vitality in our community. We thrive on inspiring and nurturing our patients to make the right choice through wellness coaching and introducing all the natural ingredients to optimal health!


People can be fit, healthy, and continue moving no matter what age!



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