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Stefan Borrowy, Massage Therapist

Stefan began his health journey working as a Physical Therapy Assistant for 8 years. This solidified his passion in manual therapy and exercise knowledge to strengthen the spine and balance the body.

He then decided to pursue more training in Massage Therapy. He has been practicing Massage Therapy for the past 10 years. Throughout that time, he has taken additional courses to further his training. Some of these courses were taken in Europe when he was living overseas. Stefan specializes in sports medicine and therapeutic massage. His focus is on spinal strength and mobility, Orthopedic manual therapy of the extremities (i.e Shoulder and Knee), stretching and deep tissue.

Stefan has also completed training in Part I and II craniosacral therapy, prenatal, and pediatric where he has worked on pediatric patients with torticollis and cerebral palsy.

His passion to continue to further his knowledge jives well for our philosophy here at Embody Health Chiropractic!
We value constantly striving to learn and share that knowledge with our patients.


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