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The Webster Technique for Pregnancy:

How can a Chiropractic adjustment affect baby positioning and birth outcome?

By improving mamas pelvis and surrounding muscles! When the pelvis is out of alignment, the ligaments that connect the pelvis to the uterus increase in tension and tone, which results in a decrease in optimal space in the baby’s internal environment. The uterus may tighten more on one side and restrict movement. The Chiropractic adjustment focusing on the pelvis, releases tension to the ligaments and uterus, which allows the baby to move with ease and get into the best position throughout the pregnancy.

3 parts of a successful physiologic birth:

1. Power: Adjustments positively affect the nervous system (power). It may do so by improving Heart Rate Variability by way of the vagus nerve and creating a sense of calm in the body and nervous system.

2. Passage: The alignment of the Pelvis. For the baby to descend through the birth canal (passage), the balance of mamas pelvis is super important here. Our goal is to balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments that surround the pelvis to reduce tension which may offer greater fetal positioning and an easier labor and delivery.

3. Passenger: The baby (passenger) wants to be in the best position to descend through the birth canal on this roller coaster ride! When mamas nervous system is optimal and her pelvis is balanced, a beautiful dance is achieved between mama and baby leading to optimal movement for birth and being welcomed earth side.

-William Obstetrics Textbook

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